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Monday, April 03, 2006

Weblogs, or 'blogs'

Did anyone see the BBC News item on the Blooker Prize this evening? It was hilarious.

The entire report was presented as a computer-style desktop (Mac - yip!) with people popping up in windows with a mouse pointer flying around and revealing who they were through the medium of 'click and drag'.

The lowest point was when a 'real' writer popped up and started complaining that blogs had no editor and people might start to believe what they read online. Better ban the Internet then, eh?

The best bit was news anchor George Alagiah saying: "Duncan Kennedy reports from cyberspace," followed by the opening bit of the report simulating what the blogosphere might sound like. (Lots of typing and chatting, apparently.)

Great news that blogging gets some primetime airtime - shame the BBC treats it as though a 100 million people had suddenly started wearing their pants on their heads.

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Anonymous Stephen Davies said...

Did you see Channel 4 News' report on Skype? A whole five or six minutes.

BBC News with blogs and Channel 4 News with Skype. What next? Trevor MacD on mashups maybe?

10:08 pm  

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