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Monday, April 03, 2006

The business?

Bloggers have been quick to critique new CIPR member's magazine PR Business. Some are loving it. Others have already decided it isn't up to scratch. But I urge everyone to give it a chance.

Granted, it's rare for PR people to be able to legitimately sling some mud at magazines. After all, PR types spend their lives trying to get close to the journalists and editors, and are desperate not to piss them off.

But PR-related mags are where they can take a little bit of that back. These are magazines that are designed around them - PR folk are the readers, the subjects and the source. PR Business belongs to them, and they are going to damn well make sure they make their voices heard in its formation.

Launching a new magazine is a daunting task - you spend months working out the look, feel, tone, size, cost, voice, brand and values, then start trying to make friends in the right places. On launch, you prepare yourself for the inevitable backlash from the industry. And, trust me, it always comes.

But PR professionals need to support their new baby. The PR industry is large, successful and growing. The fact that it's (arguably) been supported by one industry publication for so long is absurd. There is more than enough room for two (or three), if not six or seven.

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Blogger David Tebbutt said...

"The PR industry is large, successful and growing."

Hey Cloggy my old friend, you obviously don't believe Strumpette's latest.

11:05 pm  
Blogger PR Monkey said...

Fair points, Jon. Don't disagree. Was just really disappointed with the quality of the first issue. And it wasn't just me - a strawpoll of friends from lots of different agencies showed that many of our fellow professionals feel the same.

We've been waiting sooooo long for another trade publication, and I think everyone had high expectations (perhaps unfairly so?).

The editor was quite bold in revealing her lack of knowledge about PR. Like her, I hope that it means she can take a fresh approach to covering the industry - and avoid the danger of dumbing copy down for what is going to be a highly critical audience.

8:29 am  

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