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Friday, February 24, 2006

Man boobs

Watching Rocketboom's recent clip of Scoble and co-author Shel Israel stripping to the waist and giggling was a very uncomfortable experience.

Although Amanda Congdon, presenter of Rocketboom, tried to cover up her horror with her usual thinly-disguised annihilation via a Lillith Crane-esque dead-pan delivery and eyes that contain nothing but hate, she was uncomfortable too.

Sanctioned by big business, the geeks are in control through the power of The Blog. And, worryingly, they are throwing their own parties where people are buying them beer. The recent episode when Anina threw herself into a swimming pool should have been a loud enough warning that this was going to happen. Things have got out of hand.

Now I've been exposed to the Scobleizer's nippleizers, nothing will ever be the same.



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