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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Big pool, small pond?

So, dubiously qualified model/dubiously qualified technology blogger Anina has been ordered to stop blogging (via Scoble) by her modelling agency, eh? Fantastic.

I am going to conspicuously avoid any comment surrounding the fact that, in light of recent model-related scandals, running a tech blog is therefore obviously thought of as worse than controlled substance abuse and fiddling around inside the wee-stained undergarments of addled tramps.

I'm also not going to mention the fact that her agency has made the biggest mistake since Bill Gates said the Internet probably wouldn't catch on, and stop playing around with that Netscape rubbish and get back to work thankyou very much. (Well, I'd never heard of Slides. And now, if I ever need the services of a gaggle of beautiful laydees next time I'm in France I certainly know where I WON'T be going. Stop laughing.)

And I'm certainly not going to jump to the defence of Anina, and portray her as an unfortunate pawn in the mysterious game of the blogosphere's evolution into a traditional and trusted media channel. Because I don't think the agency has done that much wrong. It controls her image in an image-obsessed world. If it maintains her image is tarnished by a dull-as-dishwater blog, who am I to argue?

The reason I'm not going to do any of these is here. Anina is at a blogging conference. She is the only female in a room frighteningly saturated with the stench of geek. She decides to be 'crazy' and jump in the pool.

This would've been cool had some old bloke not already done it, and had she not hung about posing for an hour on the side before she decided to jump in.

Sorry, Anina, the moment you jumped I saw you for what you really are. A pretender, enjoying the adulation of being a model amongst geeks, but ultimately a novelty in the blogosphere.



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