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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We are all Loic's children

As long as leading lights in the blogging world continue to play down the importance of the journalism vs blogging debate, the continual selling out of public opinion to the highest bidder will carry on unabated.

Loic le Meur has positioned himself as a spokesperson that regularly and enjoyably preaches on the benefits of blogging, it's effect on communications and PR and the wider implications of socially-enabled software.

But his recent comment that he's "getting (really) bored about the debate" reveals a blinkered view.

I just learnt Loic's employer Six Apart has just won a significant new round of funding. He must be thrilled.

But I find Loic's enthusiasm for the technology all too often strays into the realm of irresponsibility. It begins to remind me of the kind of supressive marketing tactics the heads of fast food giants use to reel in the kids.

And I'm not lovin' it.



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