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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Funky Spanish wi-fi startup Fon has gone and stirred up the whole furore around lining bloggers' pockets for favours. (Spotted on Scobleizer).

This time, the company - with its wacky website, zany language and generally snazzy attitude - has hired a load of high-profile bloggers to sit on its groovy advisory board.

As the kooky start-up may or may not have planned, those bloggers have now raved about how kerrrazy Fon's service are! How totally funtastic!

Except some of them haven't disclosed they are being greased with Fon's dirty marketing cash.

Aw, man. How totally unhip.



Blogger City Hippy said...

Transparency is everything and as a blogger if I were to get paid by a company to blog for them as long as I am upfront about the relationship on the blog and anywhere else I refer to the blog (as much as possible) then that is ok I reckon.

Also would not blog for anyone without maintaining editorial independence and without disclosing the relationship. Money is great but my blogging credibility is worth much more to me if I am honest.

I have received a free sample in the past and blogged about it honestly without mentioning it is free but if it was crap I would say so or not even blog about it at all.

Would never say something I did not believe in a blog post whether I was being paid or not. Of course my opinion might change over time though.



1:41 pm  

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