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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bloggy style

Yahoo's celeblogger Jeremy 'Jay-Z' Zawodny has only and gone and blown the bloody doors off the corporate blog bribery debate with this awesome rant on the lengths businesses might go to in influencing bloggers.

So far we've seen numerous attempts at hurling perks at unsuspecting but grateful non-journalist opinion leaders, including the Nokia N90 phone giveaway and Fon's less discrete wedges-of-cash giveaway.

J-Dub takes the whole mess one stage further in his finely executed execution of the clumsy 'blogger relations' tools many marketing tools (I mean that) are now attempting.

Hope he's not just miffed he missed out on a snazzy phone.

(Personal related note: As a journalist, I was offered the 'favours' he talks about - on numerous occasions. It's only a matter of time, Jeremy...)



Blogger John Cass said...

Do you subscribe to the journalist's creed?

3:41 am  

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