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Monday, March 13, 2006

Why you should hire a blogger

Margaret Atwood's bizarre idea to sign her latest novel The Tent by remote robotic arm is a perfect demonstration of how geek power, when unharnessed, can go horribly awry.

Geek brains are not designed to be entrepreneurial, or be in positions of power, or be used to manage other people. Geek brains are advanced biotechnical computers, sucking in information from the worldosphere and spitting it out through carefully executed actions.

Like programming. And blogging.

When a geek brain becomes too powerful and lacks direction, it thinks of stupid things, like robotic arms that don't work and embarrass everyone involved. Even the geeks in the crowd, waiting for their copy of The Tent to be signed remotely by robot, were visibly flushed at the cockup.

"This geek is out of control," they whispered to each other, before shuffling home and watching three episodes of Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars.

(Atwood founded a company called Unotchit to develop the LongPen. The device, unfortunately, turned out to be total chit.)

Where the corporations come in is keeping the geeks busy doing productive things. Those that had the foresight to hire a few to blog for them are doing the world a valuable service - keeping the geeks from having their own ideas.

It's a win-win situation. The company gets a detailed, accessible media marketing channel that speaks to the legions of blog readers and the geeks find that they have, at last, found a place in the media mix.



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