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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Quaking in our boots

The journo community woke up to blogging today. Features in two or three big nationals referenced the movement, while Rupert Murdoch's admission that the media was changing forever only fuelled their fires.

The most interesting rant was from Terence Blacker in The Independent. So interesting in fact, it sounded like it could be one of my posts...
"The blog has become regarded, at least by blogocrats, as the ultimate in free expression. Whereas someone writing in the mainstream media - the "MSM" as it is now contemptuously known - will be cribbed and confined by fear of offending a vested interest, a brutal editor or a proprietor, the blogger, putting down his or her views without fear or favour, is as unrestricted as someone talking in the pub. The system is the free market of ideas at its purest, and those who argue otherwise are almost always hacks fearful of their dwindling influence from within a dying media establishment."


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