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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hooray for me

Following in the vein of indulgent, self-serving posts that have become the norm, at least this week, here at leading corporate blogging information and analysis website clogger, I'd like to say hooray for me.

For I have been thanked in the list of contributing influencers to the launch of PR.ojet Z, the brainchild of deputy GM of Edleman Paris, Philippe Cherel.

Erm, that's ok Philpox. My pleasure. Can't remember what I did though, but it must have been awesome. Best of luck!



Anonymous Stephen said...

Nothing like linking to a whole host of A-listers on your first public post. :-)

9:52 pm  
Blogger Jon said...

I know! Hilarious. Steve, Guy, Loic et al must be thrilled.

And we all got an email celebrating the launch of the blog. Not personalised though... :-(

Now if only I can get the home page to load without it crashing Firefox.

10:10 pm  

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