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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Conclusive proof that blogs increase sales

Having never seen an advert, spoken to anyone about them or seeing any fancy marketing collateral about them whatsoever, I bought a Nokia N70 on Sunday.

There I was, sitting in Phones 4 U, having all sorts of fun with an enthusiastic but overly sales-focused chap, fighting off upsell attacks from his three colleagues who were swarming around me like wasps around cola, when the subject of which mobile phone I wanted with my new plan came up.

I said I wanted the best one. He reeled off a load of models, but none of them really meant anything to me. He waved something orange at me, with what looked like flowers on it. I told him I wanted something serious.

At this point he got his own N70 out and said he'd give me one of them if I bought today. So I walked out.

Three hours later, I was back. Of course, I knew exactly what an N70 was thanks to my interaction with Nokia over their N-Series blogging and blogger relations plan. I'd read the reviews from the bloggers who'd been sent them. I'd marveled at the video quality of Loic's rapid descent and Erik's confused-looking child. I craved brushed-aluminium-look-plastic and a 2 megapixel camera. With flash.

I'd only walked out to let the phone shark know that obvious pressure tactics don't work. I let him stew, popped home and had a cup of tea, then went back to claim my phone.

And all because I'd read about it on a few blogs.

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Blogger PR Monkey said...

Oh dear. The N70 is rubbish.

I had one of the first ones to ship and I've found, through bitter experience, that it really is a very poor handset.

It takes an eon to boot, the OS hangs, the slider protecting the lens pops down all the time switching you to image mode,... I could go on.

It's such a frustratingly bad handset I want to throw it on the ground and stamp on it. Repeatedly.

The trouble is, bloggers aren't to be trusted. According to a recent Edelman report (http://floaterinthememepool.blogspot.com/2006/04/trust-me.html) bloggers are the least trusted source of info (even below PR people!).

Blogger reviewers are at the tech-savvy end of the spectrum. And, like with cats when you shine a torch on the wall, they are easily distracted by features. But what really counts is usability.

A global survey by TNS of mobile phone users found that the most desirable feature was (cue drum roll)...... ....longer battery life (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4265220.stm).

I mean, you wouldn't trust some random blogger for medical advice would you?

Jon? Are you okay? You look a bit grey... What's that about a bad Chinese?

1:29 pm  
Anonymous Sherrilynne Starkie said...

I think clients should read this post. Perhaps we should all be collecting such things to discuss with clients that need convincing about the power of blogging.

1:34 pm  
Anonymous El Jefe said...

Last time I saw the monkey he wouldn't leave his phone alone. Between that, the Blackberry and the dubious euro-specs he's a seriously tooled up mutha.

Anyway...and so it continues. Your post has made me want one badly Clog. The power of endorsement is turning my head. But that could just be because I made the mistake of turning my Berry into a mobile phone. Two functions, one device, a great big Speak and Spell strapped to the side of my head. I long for a technically-deficient yet cool gadget that other people would be jealous of rather than just laugh at. I don't care if it works as long as it looks good.

So yes, I may be blinded by features but, as Tiger Woods would say, it's better to be a cat than look like a spaz.

5:35 pm  
Anonymous El Jefe said...

Oh, and one more point Mr Monkey. What you are experiencing is the frustration of the early adopter.

Buy early, pay more, get hit by bugs and glitches. Thems the rules. The late majority have it much better - stop being a spod, come chill by the pool with us and let somebody else help Nokia iron out the creases.

5:48 pm  
Blogger Wade Rockett said...

The trouble is, bloggers aren't to be trusted. According to a recent Edelman report...bloggers are the least trusted source of info (even below PR people!).

Europeans mistrust bloggers, but according to Brazilians, we can trust athletes completely! (Presumably until they get blogs.)

10:50 pm  
Blogger PR Monkey said...

Okay, El Jefe. You have me bang to rights. By being ahead of the curve I've been made to suffer for my gadgets. But does that mean the Clog is seriously uncool and merely a herd-follower? I've got a super-quick, pimped-up ZX80 if he wants one...

Euro-specs, Euro-smecs. At least I'm not single handedly responsible for keeping Sun-In in business.

I'm off to pack my monkey shorts and snorkel, so adiós amigo, veré yu cuando consigo detrás.

7:57 am  

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