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Monday, December 05, 2005

Ou est tout le monde? Les Blogs 2.0!

I'm annoyed. There's nobody around to disagree with. They've all gone to Les Blogs 2.0 (which I thought was a site for women seeking women but is actually a blogging conference set up by blog flogger Six Apart) and are so enthralled by each others' company they're not giving me any material to work with. The blogosphere is eerily silent.

So I'll make some stuff up. Here goes.

Made-up excerpt from a discussion taking place at a seminar at Les Blogs entitled "Blogging 2.0 - Why blogs rock, and why bloggers rock, and why the long tail rocks and other stuff":

Cool San Francisco hacker/blogger in Abercrombie & Fitch shirt: "Blogging rocks. I've got a Porsche. Check out my iBook."

100% geek in "I'm blogging this" shirt: "You do realise I'm blogging this? You think you're an RSS addict? Wait for SSE. It's gonna rock."

Musclebound European blogging entrepreneur in no shirt: "The beautiful metaphor that encompasses the drifting of boundaries between the mass media and the social broadcaster is so delicate that it reminds me of a snowflake's attempt at survival in the final flourish of winter, twinkling in the morning light of spring."

Yes, yes. So I think it's all a little bit rubbish. But I know how these conferences are - I've been to enough. Loads of (insert latest technology fad here) fans get together to discuss how great (insert it again) is with no real contact with the real world.

How many speakers are going to be at Les Blogs that will talk about the gaping wound that blogging is opening up between ethical journalism and advertorial? Will there be a seminar based on controlling libel in the blogosphere? Who will be the main proponent of impartiality at all costs? Who will stop those with unbridled commercial greed?

I'm happy to be corrected here. I'm praying that I am. But at the moment I feel that the blogosphere is currently involved in a session of mutual self-congratulation.



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