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Monday, November 28, 2005

Too much detail

Why does The Scobleizer feel like it's necessary to divulge so many details of his private life?

Scoble is, no matter what you say, a celebrity of sorts. His image and thoughts are studied and considered by many thousands of people. He has built up a brand, an audience, a persona and a product.

As public interest in blogging grows, he can only get more famous. Today, he's appearing in podcasts and interviews with fellow bloggers. Tomorrow, he'll be doing TV and starring in his own magazine features.

For a fully-fledged 'celeb', there's WAY too much info on his private life out there. I'm not even that bothered, and I can tell you his wife's name and address, and young son's hobbies and location. I can even tell you where these people are right now ("Cardiff is a delightful town. Every time I travel I'm reminded at just how much influence American culture has had abroad." Sweet Jesus, man. Go and say that out loud in a city centre pub and be thankful the Welsh don't have the right to bear arms) and where he'll be for dinner on the 10th December.

In my view, the blogging community is growing at a rate that will make popular bloggers part of the real world pretty soon. Scoble may just be exposing a little too much. And all to become the 'trustworthy' face of Microsoft.

Robert, be warned. You not going to be able to hide in the blogosphere - or even the clogosphere - for much longer. You can't trust the people that are following your writing to be nice, friendly geeks forever. I hope you're being paid enough to put your mind at ease...


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