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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blogosphere vs Clogosphere

I'm not the biggest fan of the term 'blogosphere', but I admit it defines something important. It's one of those useful but ugly words. Like 'alphabetize'. Or 'cabbagey'.

The blogosphere is to social software what the universe is to cars. It is many, many organisational levels above and describes a space in which infinite networks and structures play out their little roles in intricate detail.

But what the blogosphere is not, is the clogosphere. The clogosphere is very like the blogosphere in structure. It's smaller, but growing by the day. Some of the residents of the blogosphere play in the clogosphere, while some of the 'clogospherians' often venture into the blogosphere.

But the two never meet. They are mutually exclusive. Diametrically opposed.

Rules in the blogosphere are reversed in the clogosphere. Truth becomes fiction. Friends become enemies. Journalists become marketers. Transparency becomes an impenetrable smokescreen. Trust has no value.

Bear this in mind, dear traveller, as you unwittingly flit in and out of both 'spheres. Sometimes it's hard to tell which one you're in.

And if in doubt, you can always ask.


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