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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Scoble makes a rare mistake

Microsoft's full-time blogger, Robert Scoble, made an uncharacteristically poor error of judgement on November 1 with his post on the 12 reasons why small businesses think Microsoft sucks.

All his points were valid, and - us usual - created waves that reached far and wide across the blogosphere and, eventually, the mass media.

But what people failed (refused?) to recognise was that The Scobleizer's comments pre-empted Microsoft's announcement of Live - including free, ad-supported versions of Microsoft software that is aimed squarely at small businesses - by less than 24 hours.

Am I the only person to spot the convenient timing? Has Scoble finally revealed himself to be no more than an extension - albeit a discreet one - of the global Microsoft marketing team?


Anonymous Robert Scoble said...

Oh, if only the conspiracy were true! You should follow me around some evening. In fact, want to? Where do you live? I'll come and blog from your house so you can see that I make all the stuff I put on my blog up myself and I don't have a team telling me what to write.

6:20 am  

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