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Friday, December 02, 2005

Leave Scoble alone?

I realise these posts are becoming too focused on a small cluster of cloggers. Just like Mr Scobleizer sometimes vainly attempts to stop talking about Microsoft for a while, I'm going to try to stop talking about The Scoble.

Oh, go on then. Just one last gripe.

Colm Smyth has met Robert Scoble during his Dublin escapades, and has this to say in his post about meeting the King of Clog:

"(Robert Scoble is) 100% committed to the authenticity, validity and significance of the blogging conversation."

Er, sorry Colm. Nobody on the Microsoft payroll - or any payroll for that matter of a company that directly affects the fabric of the Internet - can be even 1% authentic.

And as for being "unaffected" by his Kingly status? Perhaps you need to be on the end of one of his n0-holds-barred comment flamers should you dare to say one word in criticism.

That's the last one for a while. I promise.


Blogger Colm Smyth said...

Perhaps it's more accurate to say that in principle he is committed. But every blogger has an agenda - and that's what makes it interesting.

Why do you care about Scoble to even blog about him? What's your agenda? ;)

All the best,

10:19 pm  

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