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Monday, January 29, 2007

The ultimate question

Life is full of pivotal but often unanswerable questions. What's the secret of a good press release? Is Jade really a racist? Has Sarah Beeny ever hosted a home improvement show while not pregnant? What's that smell? There's a few for starters.

Another question that springs up countless times every day - at least in my world - is whether PR people and journalists will ever see things the same way. After all, we all work in communication, even though our 'work' is often carried out on different sides of the proverbial 'fence'.

Throw bloggers into the mix - with their very different take on the media relations machine - and you've got a difficult question to answer. If not handled with kid gloves, things can often snowball into a potentially incendiary situation.*

So how do you not only go about understanding the journalist / PR relationship and therefore do your job better, but also convince the very journalists you're trying to relate to that they should down tools, hop over the fence and join you?

Like this, perhaps?


  • ‘Ideas person’ with journalism experience required to join in-house creative team to work on high-profile campaigns
  • Faultless spelling and grammar, and ability to work to brief and turn flat ideas into sparkling copy essential
  • Must enjoy a high-pressure environment and be able to take ownership of varied projects, both internal and client-facing
  • Knowledge of new media publishing techniques, such as blogging and podcasting, an advantage
  • An outstanding benefits package plus opportunities for fast promotion and performance-related bonuses await the right person!


Contact Kirsty Mallows on kirstym@lewispr.com or 020 7802 2626 for more details.


* I did that on purpose.
** That's us.


Also published on LEWIS 360


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