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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Threshers: The day we woke up


Things move quickly in the blogosphere. No sooner had Threshers launched its 40% off voucher and sent it forth unto the world to wreak Oddbins- and Majestic-shaped havoc, than the annals of the world wide web were alight with people posting, emailing and generally sharing their newly-acquired savings.

About five seconds later, the blogosphere turned. We'd been had. Duped by an offer that they'd meant to go viral all along, and didn't represent particularly good savings anyway.

There's a good summary over at Stuart Bruce's blog. Otherwise, gapingvoid sums things up nicely (see above).

I was interested to read about blog-friendly budget wine vendor Stormhoek's attempt at eclipsing the offer - and succeeding. (Apart from taking its own website down, of course.)

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