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Monday, October 30, 2006

Wii spot

This is a great promotional video for the Nintendo Wii. Look at the happy faces as people of all ages enjoy the cuddly graphics and easy-to-operate controls.

Hang on! Who's that guy? OH MY GOD. HELP! A serial killer is sitting at home learning how to kill! Look! He's shooting people! Now he's slashing them with a Samurai sword! AAAAARGH!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back to basics


I've been away for a while. I've been a bit busy with LEWIS 360, which has now overtaken my Technorati ranking (which was the point).

You've probably had little to read recently. Perhaps you've resorted to finding new and exciting things to do with a computer? No doubt you're probably missing your fix of acerbic anti-clogger insight. How has the clogosphere been without me?

Anyhoo, back to business. Time to catch up with some old friends.

I see Scoble's yet to make an interesting point since leaving Microsoft (now that he doesn't have access to the inner workings at Redmond, who actually cares?). I sat through 15 seconds of 'The Scoble Show' before I actually gouged out my eyeballs and stuck them in my ears to try and keep the horror from reaching my brain. I've still got some residual images from it burnt into my memory, but alcohol's helping to keep them supressed. For now.

Someone who's travelling in the other direction, metaphorically speaking, is Juberti, who's left AOL for Google and moved his blog accordingly. Although Justin wasn't the most prolific blogger when at AOL, his posts were always reasonably accurate and interesting, and he never resorted to showing off - which, in my book, is a good thing. The only thing I'm concerned about is how much he's going to be able to give away before Google's Thought Police, dressed in their trademark red, green, orange and yellow suits, drag him into the Googleplex's high-security underground bunker and shoot him in the back of the head. (In the mean time, check out President Bush lovin' the Google.)

One thing I've really enjoyed recently is the Edelman PR / Wal-Mart story. To summarise: A couple of seemingly innocent Wal-Mart fanblogs had Edelman pulling the strings. Bloggers find out. Transparency ensues. To summarise a couple of the responses: "It had nothing to do with me." - Steve Rubel. Fair enough, Stevie, but pretty gutless. "Please don't blame our client - it was our fault. By the way, we helped write the rules we broke." - Richard Edelman. Brave, Richard. But is that response as brave as it seems? Taking the fall for this is just a crisis management exercise on behalf of the client. And you helped write the WOMMA code of ethics? Is that supposed to make us feel better that you broke them? Doesn't that just make it worse? If we can't trust the people that wrote the code, who can we trust? And anyway, screw the code. Corporate blogging is about common sense and decency, nothing more.

And finally - have you seen Loic le Meur try out a Segway? It's AWESOME. For an extreme sportsman, he doesn't really give it much stick. Loic - check this out, it'll give you some tips.