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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My first poll: Congdon vs Colan

It's been a tearful week, what with Amanda Congdon leaving Rocketboom. Sniff.

Today, her 'interim' replacement arrived. Have a watch and let your voting do the talking...

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Five alive

I was in a meeting today with Drew and our web team, chatting through some of the blogging tools we use every day, and swapping ideas.

Drew and I were harping on about our definition of social media. It's not an easy thing to explain quickly.

I tend to define my experience of blogging (and beyond) through the online tools I use every day. And this was how the debate continued.

While I'm not a big Digger, some rely on it. I tend to use my Google personalised homepage to aggregate content feeds, while Drew uses popurls to monitor the aggregators and search for memes. For blogging I prefer Blogger, while some use TypePad and others swear by WordPress. I love my del.icio.us, and use it to save content for reviewing later. Drew uses it more for publishing, having plugged it into his Social Media Report. We all love Technorati.

I began to realise that there are five tools that keep me alive in the blogosphere:


1. Blogger
2. Technorati
3. del.icio.us
4. Statcounter
5. YouTube

Granted, I'm a bit old skool. I still use Yahoo! Photos, not Flickr. I uninstalled Skype because I couldn't stop it launching every time I booted up my laptop. Memetracker (like most other monster content aggregators) makes me feel dizzy.

So, in the spirit of the blogosphere's 'Five Things' meme, what are your 'Five Tools That You Can't Blog Without'?

Morgan, Drew, Stuart, Piaras, Wade, Loic - consider yourself tagged. Your turn.

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Destined for publication on LEWIS 360, but TypePad was down.