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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Long live the king

When I saw the picture of gapingvoid's Hugh Macleod signing 1,000 Stormhoek posters, it made me ask myself - "What does Hugh Macleod do?"

Here are the options so far:

1. Creative director
2. Blogvertising consultant
3. Cartoonist
4. Celebrity blogger
5. Tailor

Having a whizz around his site, and related business ventures' sites, his personal revenue model seems distributed. A bit of investment here, some consultancy there, and some monetized content here and there too. All underpinned by the blog, of course.

The fact that gapingvoid is arguably the most the most visible and popular of Hugh's ventures, which is - in his words - purely a way for him to exercise his hobby, I think I'm going to herald him as the new Blogging King for a while, now Scoble's left Microsoft (jumping the shark on his way out).

The creative mind is often completely unsuited to promoting its own creations for financial gain - it just doesn't think that way. If it did, the creativeness would be sapped as a result. But Hugh did what many artists are incapable of doing - he commercialised. He's obviously very astute, and used blogging to not only promote his own art, but his ability to use blogging to promote stuff.

All hail.



Anonymous Hugh MacLeod said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I have been recently taken by the idea, rightly or wrongly, that the number of prints I sign is directly proportional to how many cases of Stormheok wine that will be sold down the line.

i.e. the more I sign, the more Stormheok that will shift. Therefore it behooves me to sign lots of them.

The wine bottle prints may be a form of "advertising", certainly. I prefer to see them as conversation starters. I don't think they do too bad a job of that, either, especially when you compare them to the cost of traditional advertising media.

As a PR guy, what do you think?

2:34 pm  
Blogger Jon said...

... And the more cases of wine that are sold, the more cash you get?

I do think it's a great idea advertising-wise, but I don't reckon they it work without your complex cartoonist-come-consultant construct around it.

After all, it's your scribbles people want.

(And I'll let you off the 'PR guy' comment - this time.)

1:43 pm  

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